I was right to go after her for breaking my ankle.

When all the girls decided to go to the lesbian club, I was fine with it. They didnt do it for me I didnt mean to keep talking about bisexuality around the girls, but they kept asking me about it so I kept talking. Instead of getting in a fight with Amber, I think I could have tried to explain to her or asked her to just leave it alone and get off the f*cking topic. When I first heard Amber wanted me to go home I thought it was bullsh*t. Whether it was a mistake or not, she hurt me and I was right to go after her for breaking my ankle, especially after I was hurt. She was still talking sh*t to me, telling me to cry. I didnt ever want to put on an act for Amber. I really just wanted to beat her up again, but if I didnt act like I cared she would have sent me home when I knew I should be there, not her. Not everything I said was lie. When I said I threatened her because I was in a lot of pain, I was in so much pain, I just did it.

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