I was selfish when it came to Lexie.

By permanenteditor
I wanted her to either be my friend or for everyone to hate her.Once Portia left, the house really was completely divided, but at the same time everyone was only worried about themselves. I liked Portia the most and she kept me calm. It was hard for me when she left because I lost the only girl I kinda trusted. Portia leaving was the final thing for me. Now I really felt like F everyone. Florina was so mad at Natalie and it was her screaming is what set Portia off, so it was F'ed up that as soon as Portia left Florina was right beside Natalie. It just showed me friendship isn't what we were there for It was all about surviving. Kate made a comment about not wanting to go to the "all black club" which was not needed. I don't believe she meant it in a racist manner, but the way it came out was wrong. Natalie exploded like it meant to attack her and wouldn't let Kate explain. On top of that Natalie went on a rant about white people as if that wasn't racist. The night out with Annie and Kate was fun. We were all stress-free and just having a good time. We went and mingled but always came back to each other. It reminded me of home a little. I had a blast! My first thought of Lexie was she didn't look like her picture. She was cute and over the top bubbly. I was pumped she was a drinker because now I had a partner. I was selfish when it came to Lexie. I wanted her to either be my friend or for everyone to hate her. Spending the night talking to her, I told her not to just trust me. The Screaming O... Lol that was a mess! Natalie won hands down Lexie I'm not so sure but it didn't bother me as much as the other girls. I felt bad for Annie That sh*t was embarrassing. Florina and Kate didn't want to do it because of morals. Which Florina I understood she wasn't comfortable, but Kate sexed in a church what is worse than that? A few comments were made by me about Lexie when she was in her costume and I just want to take the time and apologize I'm sorry for calling you fat!
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