I wasn't going to back down.

I decided to go to the lesbian club, because I really just wanted to understand why Florina was bisexual. I wanted her to see that I was trying to understand and that I wasn't just attacking her. I thought that maybe she would help me to not seem so ignorant. Instead of doing so, she was just blatantly all over girls. This was strange for me. I kept making comments about bisexuality because I like to know things. And I thought if I bring it up maybe she will act like the "mom" that she keeps saying she is and explain, however my attempts failed.I pushed Florina in the pool not to hurt her, but to get her out of my face. She just kept yelling and it wasn't going to go anywhere. I asked her three times to get out of my face and she decided to keep yelling right in front of me. I wasn't backing down from her even if she was manly, so I stood my ground.When Florina got out of the pool I really thought she was just going to use her hands and just beat me. LOL. Luckily she did not. She snatched my hair (which was a girlie move) and swung me. Annie and Lexie were trying to hold me down as Florina was yanking my hair. It felt like I literally flew in the air, and after I finally landed I realized that she could go home for this and I went out front to the van to be taken to the hotel. There was no need to get thrown again by the Hulk.My decision to keep Florina was hard. I wanted her to leave, because threatening my life was just beyond normal. But then I remembered the first night when she sat and told me so much about her life. She told me that at 26 she was so happy to be in the Bad Girl house, and her crying to me to keep her there just got to my heart. I can take getting thrown, but in the end she was the one hurting. So I let her stay, and I do not regret my actions. All the other girls kept saying she would owe me, but I didn't even want to be friends with her. I just wanted her to realize I just want to learn. I would have never kept her there or given her a second chance normally, so in turn, it was time to show that I have changed too. I wanted her to know that no matter how scary she was, I wasn't going to back down.

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