I would have given Natalie the boot.

I first thought that Natalie had just come back to the house to get her stuff, but when I found out she came back to talk to everyone I was disappointed, but not surprised. I knew it wouldn't be that easy to get rid of her no matter how bad we all wanted to go home. Natalie was being somewhat nicer then her normal self trying to approach everyone about keeping her in the house, but I knew it was all a fake act to make us feel bad for her leaving. Unfortunately Kendra couldn't see through Natalie like the rest of us and thought that by keeping Natalie in the house, Natalie could work on trying to better herself as a person. Granted Natalie did need the most work out of any of us in the house, but honestly at that point I really could not care less if Natalie stayed or left. It was the stupidest argument I've ever seen and did not want to waste my time being apart of one of Natalie's desperate attempts for attention, so I left the decision up to Kendra. I wasn't too surprised when Kendra kept Natalie in the house. Kendra was always the person to give someone the benefit of the doubt, and not condemn a person for their faults. She always stuck up for the underdog, thinking that somehow they would change. Unfortunately, Natalie is a grown woman who is set in her ways. I was disappointed that Kendra would be so naive to think that Natalie would all of a sudden become this wonderful person that everyone would get along with after keeping her in the house. However, I could not believe when Kendra said that she was always used to being the leader in her home town so it was nice to FOLLOW Natalie for a change! Who says that?? Let's be honest, Kendra liked Marcus and didn't want him disappearing anytime soon, so she kept Natalie to use her to get to him. I would have given Natalie the boot. There is no way the next girl would be as obnoxious as Natalie. For the 4th of July we had this amazing cabana at a pool with all that we could ever want to eat or drink. Unfortunately the night before we had all drank wayyy too much at Kress, and were a bit drained before the day even started. Exhausted after drinking all day and into the night, all the girls wanted to go home except for Natalie and her new best friend Kendra. No one wanted to hang out with Natalie and Kendra because we were still mad at the fact that not only did Kendra keep Natalie in the house but now she was kissing her ass. All the girls found them both two-faced and irritating and would rather go home then hang out with fake girls like them. We were going to leave Kendra and Natalie at the pool but Flo thought it was a good idea to let them know we were leaving in a car and they could take the limo home after they went out. We all saw Flo walk over to Natalie and Kendra across the pool, and then started engaging in conversation with them and started laughing like they were all friends. We watched for about 5 minutes and got pissed because Flo had been talking so much trash about Natalie and Kendra minutes before she alerted them we were leaving, and now she was acting fake like she liked them. We decided to wait in the car. After waiting for 20 minutes, we started to get mad that Flo was out there hanging with them still, worrying if she was going to rat us all out for talking about them. We decided that she was too wishy-washy to be trusted and that she obviously was blowing us off to hang out with them. I mean who talks crap about someone and then goes and hangs out with them right after? We went home and had had enough fakeness for one day. Classy girls have composure and don't get mad at any and everything. They know when to pick their battles and when not to waste their time on stupid arguments. They have better things to do then to yell and scream for no reason other then for attention. Classy girls do not get sloppy drunk EVERY time they drink and let their emotions get the best of them. Everyone gets drunk every now and then, but to get sloppy every time is trashy. Also, having a boyfriend but acting out in a club and dancing on top of every boy you see is trashy and disrespectful. Only insecure girls that need attention cheat on their boyfriends or act out to make themselves feel "wanted". Trashy girls sleep around, and it doesn't matter who it is to them, as long as they are getting attention. Trashy girls cannot keep their emotions under control and make themselves look foolish yelling and swearing out of drunken anger. I don't have a problem with trashy girls, they are definitely enjoyable to watch.

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