I'll never regret anything I did on the show.

My favorite moment living in the house was when I threw Amber across the cement at the pool. My least favorite moment was when I fought Amber and didnt get a chance to beat her ass even more. My other least favorite moment was when the girls threw the water balloons and at me as I was leaving the house. I hated that I couldnt run after their asses to beat them individually. From being on the show I learned to not try and help people who are ignorant and self absorbed c*nts with no morals, respect for others or themselves, and have their priorities all out of whack! Ill never regret anything I did on the show. It was a great experience and I would do it again if I had the opportunity to. I would definitely go back in the house and put everyone who thinks their sh* dont stink in their place! People can think Im a b*tch who thinks she is tougher than everyone, but I dont. I have respect for myself and others especially when they respect me!

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