It was about time someone told that b*tch to shut up.

Spitting is something I would expect a trashy low life like Natalie to do.Paul and I have a wonderful connection. He is a wonderful level-headed, rational man, who has taught me the meaning of love. Being in a relationship with him has definitely helped me grow as a woman to become more level-headed, responsible, and mature. Before him I was a wild crazy party girl that never got tied down. I never though I'd ever find someone that could tame me, but I was wrong. I had my guard up and was really quiet the first few weeks in the house, but Paul's visit definitely gave me the strength I needed to let my walls down and just be me. I should have never told the girls about my boyfriend lasting 30 seconds, especially the new girl that I barely knew. I never thought she'd be dumb enough to actually ask him if he lasted 30 seconds. I was LIVID. I'm VERY protective of people I love so I flipped out at Lexie in hopes of knocking some sense into her that she needs to think before she speaks. However, yelling at Lexie is like yelling at a puppy They just don't know any better so it's hard to get mad. For the record my boyfriend and I have a fabulous sex life which I've learned to keep to myself. I yelled at Natalie in the limo because quite honestly, it was about time someone told that b*tch to shut up. When I confronted her outside, she was weak and wouldn't own up to the fact she was talking sh*t about my boyfriend. Which, by the way, was completely random because Paul hated Natalie and wouldn't touch her with a 50 ft pole. Hitting Natalie definitely wasn't worth me going home so I threw her makeup out the window. I didn't care if she got mad because I knew she was as fake as her Gucci purse and wouldn't hit me, however I'd be thrilled if she did and got sent home. I'm not shocked she spit on me though. It's something I would expect a trashy low life like her to do. I didn't know she was outside yelling at Paul anymore than I knew that I apparently hooked up with a baseball player. What? I think she got me and another one of the girls in the house mixed up because that was completely random! Paul didn't seem like he cared too much about what she way saying anyways haha. Honestly, I wasn't even aware Kendra and Flo were still fighting downstairs. I was too furious with Natalie to notice.

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