It's not like any of us would be friends in real life.

Natalie and I were fighting almost every day over nothing really. I was already having a hard time being there because I was homesick, secluded from society, and away from my friends and boyfriend. To make things worse, the constant arguing was making me miserable. My time in LA was limited and I wanted to spend it having fun, not wasting my time arguing. I knew we were all going crazy living in a high stress closed environment so I tried not to take anything too personally. Some people's way of venting was by taking things out on other people, and drinking six nights a week just added fuel to the fire. I wouldn't say I was "friends" with Natalie. We just learned how to get finally get along. We had a lot of similarities which is why I think we butted heads in the beginning. But after we actually got to know each other, we realized that we could have way more fun in LA if we weren't arguing the whole time over nonsense. I DEFINITELY wasn't trying to become another Kendra. I was happily in love and wasn't trying to become a gold digger. I also wasn't trying to be friends with Natalie because of her D-list friends either. I've been all around the world and have hung out with way more important people but I didn't feel the need to brag about it because I knew that no one really cared, and I wasn't an attention whore. All that talk about her running LA, I was beginning to realize was an extremely fake front. I've found that people who brag the most often have the least and are the emptiest. Nonetheless, if I wanted to enjoy my time left in LA I would rather just try to get along with the girls as best as I could because it's not like any of us would be friends in real life. Let's be honest. FOR THE RECORD, I was never part of any "clique" the way that it is portrayed. I hate cliques and try to avoid them. I have many different types of friends and don't like to be labeled as a girl that only hangs out with certain types of people. I was drawn to Annie at first, but after a week of living with someone so obsessive compulsive, I just couldn't stand her anymore. By me trying to get along with Natalie better I was hoping to unite the house, but instead the other girls got mad and turned on us. I really don't know why everyone cared so much. It's not like we were all lifelong friends. We knew each other for a couple weeks. I really didn't owe my loyalty to anyone. Everyone was in it for themselves. You had to be like that in order to survive living in the BGC. As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer :) It's not that I didn't like Annie. We just COULD NOT live with her at all. She was so obsessive, and quiet, and anal, and nosey. It was driving me nuts. Plus she was so sneaky! She would never say anything to anyones face. She would just eavesdrop and cry. It's hard enough living with six other girls, let alone six BAD GIRLS. I only had enough cash on me for 3 drinks, so I bought a drink for me, my friend, and Amber because she was with us and Annie was MIA all night. When Annie tried to take my friend's drink I got PISSED, but then when she threw my $30 drink out I was LIVID. So I made her a drink, right on top of her head. Trish is my partner in crime so of course I was SUPER excited to have her there. I trusted Trish and I knew she wasn't judging me so it was easier for me to have fun and open up. Obviously anyone who has their best friend around is going to be more comfortable than when they are living with a bunch of girls they didn't trust.

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