Kate doesn't mind being disrespected.

When Kate and Natalie became "friends" I wasn't really surprised. Kate is such a weak person that she would be friends with anybody that paid her a tiny bit of attention. I could never be friends with someone that spit on me. I think that alone shows how weak Kate is and how she doesn't mind being disrespected. Kate and Natalie kept saying they were the prettiest girls in the house. I mean, they are unrecognizable without gobs of makeup on. Their fake friendship didn't effect me, so whatever.My place in the house didn't change after I started yelling. It actually made me feel bad because I was sinking to the level of my crazy roommates. I don't think that yelling makes me a 'bad girl'. Why would a bad girl make her feelings known? It's what I was doing after I yelled that really made me a 'bad girl', and Amber was the only person that knew what I was doing.... I don't think yelling made me prove myself. All it proved to me was that I could get a sore throat when I yelled like my roommates did. When Kate had actually been awake, she had been yelling all the time, and yet our roommate were all 'Team Annie', which proves my point. Yelling did not prove my place in the house.When Kate poured the mixers on me, I was really annoyed at her, but still really pleased with myself for wasting her drink. I knew that she would be madder if I went to the restroom washed my face and came out and had a good time with no makeup on, which was something Kate could never do. And it totally worked. Kate was so mad that I was still having a good time and she didn't have the power to ruin my evening. She asked if we could leave about 5 minutes after she poured the juice on me. She wanted so badly to ruin my night, but she is not an important enough person to do that. When we got back into the limo, I told her exactly what I thought of her. She had nothing to say in return to me, so she started taking low blows at Amber. That's when I really decided to ruin the rest of Kate's time at the Bad Girls House.

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