Kate is totally fake.

I was really bummed when I found out I couldn't go to Santa Barbara, but I knew it was the best decision. I really needed to focus on getting better. I was sad when I found out Kate would be staying home as well. I really wanted to have a nice quiet house so I could sleep off my sickness. Once the rest of my roomies left, I didn't really spend any time with Kate. She went outside to work on her tan -- getting leathery skin takes a lot of work, while I stayed inside and rested up.I can't think of anything that I like about Kate. She is totally fake, and a liar. I mean, her hair is even darker than mine! I feel really bad, because I always try to see the positive in people, but I just can't find any positive about her. I was so confused about the fight between Natalie and the rest of the roommates. I was just relaxing when Lexie ran in and told me about it. She was kind of drunk and really excited so it was hard to follow her. I had a hard time believing that the whole fight had started over a make-up brush. I was just so confused about the progression of events.

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