By permanenteditor
I thought the pranks (the protein powder) that Annie was the mastermind of were FUNNY. I enjoyed knowing about them and I enjoyed seeing Kate worry about her weight the whole time in the house. It was nice to see Annie really paying her "BACK"! I laughed every time Kate took a drink of her protein shake, because thats all she would consume. I wasn't ruining this plan, so my mouth was shut!Kate and her friend Trish were going at it!! I have kissed girls (we all know this), but it was for attention and for drunk look at me moments! They were kissing, fondling, and moaning... yea not so much for attention. I thought it was strange that Kate felt the need to come to me and explain they were just friends, but than went to Florina saying she was bisexual. No one else in the house heard the news of Kate being bisexual. We all thought Florina was the only bisexual one. BUT we were wrong. KATE LICKS THE COOTER TOO! At least Florina admitted it to us and wasn't in denial! When Lexie got me and we peeked in the shower, "WTF?!" is what went through my mind. They were doing something that obviously made the other feel good. I like warm showers, but I don't think thats all they were doing. I mean they were so caught up in their actions that they didn't even see us standing there. And we stood there for a while because I was in shock! I really just didn't know Kate went that way, but it makes sense now, since she said Paul only last 30 seconds. She had to get pleasure somewhere else! When Kate called Paul and only told him about the KISS and he dumped her, I felt kinda bad. She didn't even tell him the whole truth, and he was pissed. I was kinda proud though that Paul stuck up for himself, and realized he didn't want to look like a dumbass on TV. When Kate was crying -- apart from me just wanting to be a b*tch and find out why I was like I just hate to see people cry. We all know thats a weakness of mine, too. So I was trying to be nice.When Florina found out Natalie, Kendra, and Kate left her at home on purpose she was livid. She went on a rant about "killing" them, which I instantly was like you gotta stop saying those words. And I thought it was funny, because no one wanted her around. Kendra had asked me before they went out if I wanted to go, and I was getting sick, so I declined. I loved the fact that I was invited, and Florina wasn't, so I told her to rub it in. B*tch move? Yes...but it felt GOOD! Florina went through the house like an earthquake BOOM BOOM BOOM... screaming about them for about 2 hours. All the while, the other girls talked about it and we found it sorta sad and funny! Florina felt played, and like no one cared. Well now she knew how I felt when she lied to my face! Natalie was nervous, so she was trying to act like she didn't have fun because Florina wasn't there... BULLSH*T! She had a good time, and she was glad Florina wasn't there! She was just scared to tell her, because Florina mightve turned into the hulk again!
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