Annie was hating so hard because of pure jealousy!

I knew the clock was ticking in the house and there was only a little time left. I wanted to put myself out there and do something different. So, I thought the bikini parade would be a fun, positive activity. Plus, it empowered me since a few of the girls wanted to pick on me for my weight. Never in my life had I ever gotten called fat. I never knew women that have curves was an issue. I can't help if I LOVE my body and I have never had any complaints either. I feel that when you're comfortable about yourself it puts people on edge. I thought it was super dumb that Annie was so obsessed with me (Kate too). What is her obsession with weight because ol' girl is DEFINITIVELY NOT a size two. I knew if I was to confront her it wouldn't do any good and I would have just ended up smacking her, but since I knew that the reason she was hating so hard was because of pure jealousy, I just went on with my life. Amber and I started getting really close, which put a fire under Annie's ass. OH! And most of the girls had left so she felt like she had something to prove. REALLY SWEETIE?!?!?! It's totally okay pick on me because I know it is just insecurity eating away at you ;) Oh BTW have you lost your BGC WEIGHT yet?! Because I have and I look EFFING GREAT!!! Kisses.Through all the yelling and fighting I really enjoyed being in the BGC house. It helped me to realize I can be on my own and nothing will stop me. My favorite trip was Santa Barbara, well the first half anyways. It was absolutely beautiful there and I loved the festivity and energy. My favorite outing would ABSOLUTELY be the Bikini Parade. It was something that was positive and the energy of all the women was fabulous!!! (Thank you ALL!) Overall, I wouldn't take anything back because I feel when things are meant to be, sometimes you just can't help it. It is beyond your control. I don't regret anything!I feel great that I didn't let Annie get the best of me and I truly feel that made me a stronger person. I overcame the DRAMA and made it out of the BGC. I wanted to see the BGC out the whole way and I did! And that makes me feel complete. I am truly going to miss a few of the girls in the house. Especially the ones who saw through the OMGs and WTFs and actually gave me a chance and got to know the true me. When we decided to cut Annie loose and let her leave, we went on a road trip.... Our road trip was the ending of our BGC experience. I was the first to get dropped off, but before I went home I decided to take them on the town in STL. When I got dropped off it was probably one of the saddest days because I had to say my goodbyes to Kendra and Amber. But it was more like a "see you later alligator" because I knew I would see them in the near future! OX's

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