I just keep thinking to myself KARMA!

Pranks are fun, but when they are meant to make the other person fat, I just kind of shake my head. I didn't like the little devious acts that Annie pulled on Kate because I didn't understand why?! I personally just think that Annie knew Kate's weight was her weakness and knew it would hurt her. Kate had admitted to Annie that she used to be a big girl, so naturally Annie remembered that and did little things that would eventually bite Kate in her butt. I mean looking back on it, I just keep thinking to myself KARMA!!! How you treat people, reflects how people are going to treat you. Kate's relationship with her friend.... I mean we were all frustrated with the people we were around and there wasn't the most abundant men selection. I really thought they were just the type of girls that kissed in public to get some male attention, but it was very apparent that there was a little crush going on. Which whatever I don't knock "girl-on-girl" action, but Kate did have a boyfriend! And what I saw in the shower, I wouldn't think someone's boyfriend would appreciate it unless he was getting asked to join.When Natalie, Kate and Kendra left Flo, I thought it was kind of mean. Flo still partied like a ROCKSTAR! So it just didn't make sense why they didn't want her to go. So what if the club was going to be extra packed. Natalie was supposedly Flo's "girl". If that was my friend I would not have left her like that. But I mean I do understand that Flo was getting testy about her ankle and it was constantly bothering her so she would have some mood changes. And I know she was very angry that she was crawling around while Amber was just fine and dandy.

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