I react on impulse.

I wasnt confused when I came into the house and everyone was acting like they were someone else. I was walking into a situation where I didn't have a clue who any of the girls were in the first place. How was I supposed to know any different?!Once I got to know the girls a little bit, I felt like I bonded most with Florina. She is the type of person that one can talk to and is actually interesting. My least favorite in the house.... I didn't really talk to Annie much. I just didn't click with her very well. I felt as if Annie was there just to be judgmental. I didn't mind the nickname 8th b*tch at all because one, I can be a bitch and two, I was the 8th girl in the house. It's only logical for that to be my title. I react on impulse. I just couldn't resist jumping into the pool naked! And a part of me wanted to see how the girls would react. I was glad to win the Screaming O contest because there was money involved -- and I LOVE money! I knew the girls were not very happy with it but hey what can I say? I guess my faking just sounded and seemed the most natural and real. The party was fun. I mean, Natalie can be a cool chick at times but then reality sets in. I mean, in every situation people tend to group together. So all the tension in the house between the girls was only natural. It was kind of high school, but I mean why would you want to waste your time getting along with people you don't care for and have a terrible time? It just wouldnt make sense. It was almost as if they were trying to see who could be the most exclusive clique.

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