It completely put me in shock.

As Natalie made an exit out of the house, I honestly didn't really care. I was never close with Natalie so I felt a sense of relief. She was loud and obnoxious all the time, and her "go-getter" attitude was getting old. But, then again, Natalie never really bothered me to the point where I couldn't stand her. So, honestly I just saw her leaving as a prime opportunity for us girls to show her that the BGC was still "BAD" without her. OMG, I loved paintball, it was a BLAST!!! I had never done anything like that before so I was super excited. It rocked being on a team with Amber and Annie, because at that point I felt really close to them and it was so ironic to me that we were teamed against Kate and Kendra. It was probably one of the best days! Yes, I got hit by someone suckyyyyy -- but I was so hung over that I didn't even care by the end. P.S. it is a game and if people were out to get someone, that is ridiculous! When "The Ambers" showed up the claws seemed to come out. It was almost as if the "Ambers" presence brought negativity into the house with all the girls. I thought that "The Amber Show" was absolutely hilarious. Seeing those girls together is like watching Dumb and Dumber. But the energy of the show was great and I loved that they were just having a good time with it. They were being themselves and seemed like they enjoyed doing it. CLAPS for THE AMBERS!!!!When Kate punched Annie my jaw completely dropped. I wouldnt have seen that coming from a million miles away!!! Honestly, why would Kate have hit Annie? Kate had NO idea Annie put that stuff in her food and Annie was never around Kate much. Again, why the F%&K would Kate punch Annie, she had nothing to do with Kate leaving! Kate wanted to leave for her own personal issues, which is fine. Go ahead and handle your business. But Kate punching Annie just completely put me in shock.I probably didn't handle the situation as best as I could. But when Annie, who I know is Amber's girl, gets hit for no reason, you better believe I am not going to let that person get away with it. I could understand if Kate knew what Annie did to her, but she didn't. That's bologna! Naturally I understood Amber, though. She reacted as any friend would! What Kate did was bogus, especially knowing Annie wouldn't hit her back. I noticed Amber's swim bottoms had gotten clawed off of her so I went to hold them up, and as I was standing front row center to the fight, I felt like I should do something to stop it. I couldnt just stand there so I pulled Kates hair to try to stop her. I know hair pulling is terrible! I usually do not get too involved with the fights, but I just thought this one was utter bullsh*t. Kate was effing rude and disrespectful and if she has the nerve to hit someone that wouldn't hit back for NO REASON she should be able to handle what comes back to her.

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