Natalie had done a low blow on Portia's daughter.

My secret for picking up men is.... that I don't have one. When I see a guy I find interesting, I generally do the smile look away thing. I wait a bit for them to approach me, but I'm not the most patient person so after awhile I generally approach them. I think a lot of guys appreciate a girl that goes after what she wants. I do that whole introduction thing and then I generally start talking about whatever I'm thinking about. I really have no filter, so there are a lot of guys in the Los Angeles metro area that know waaaayyyy too much about my kitty cat. Right now it's working out... Since it's football season, that's generally on my mind so I talk to guys about football when I'm approaching them. That sometimes doesn't go so well when they find out I know more about football than they do. My methods may be kind of direct, but it the end it really works out. If a man doesn't want to listen to me talk about sports or my kitty for one conversation, there's no way we're going to make it.I think that the most attractive thing about a married man is his confidence. Oooh, or maybe his maturity. But seriously, if a man is going to cheat, he's probably not that mature... Ok, so confidence is what I'm settled on. I'm generally attracted to older men because they have confidence and they are comfortable with themselves. With age though generally also comes baggage. Most men in the age range I'm attracted to are married. So really men should just wait longer to marry and then my problems will be solved.... My ideal man is.... Peyton Manning. No? O, how about Eli Manning? No seriously, I do totally have a type. I love tall, somewhat awkward looking guys. I love quarterbacks!!! So much! Even my first crush ever was a quarterback. I think it goes back to the whole confidence thing. As the leader of the team, quarterbacks are generally really confident. I'm generally attracted more to dark haired guys (Hugh Grant and Colin Firth), but I generally end up dating guys with lighter hair (hello Bradley Cooper, that means you!). I like thinner guys, well not skinny because I never want to feel fatter than him, but I don't want a fatty either. So really, the quarterback body type is absolutely perfect. Yummy!!!I think that Natalie's upbringing has made her think that all her problems can be solved by being financially secure. She said that her mother had to make sacrifices to provide for Natalie and her brother. I think that after seeing what her mother faced, Natalie really doesn't want that and she thinks that money is the answer to her problems. Natalie is different from others because instead of working hard to earn money, she would rather just have a man give it to her. She told us all that she wants to date a man that has all the right connections and will pamper her and give her everything that she wants materialistically. I think that this is actually very common with girls that had the childhood that Natalie did. The problem is that if someone else gives it to you, they can also take it away. If Natalie were to earn her money herself, no one would be able to take it away from her. We were all on our way to Hideout when Florina started yelling at Natalie about embarrassing her. I really don't know how it progressed, it was so weird, but by the time we got to the bar, the argument was between Portia and Natalie. They were just screaming at each other. This lasted the whole way from Santa Monica to Encino. Let's just say it wasn't the most pleasant drive back to the house. I went in to use the phone to check on my cat and all of a sudden I saw Portia open the door to the phone room see me and then go on screaming for Natalie. I continued my phone call, not wanting to be involved in their drama. Then I heard someone scream that Natalie had done a low blow on Portia's daughter. Low blows are never okay. I mean, just argue about things that are relevant. I felt for Portia because she was so protective of her daughter and had waited until she got to know us before even telling us about her. After getting to know Portia, it was easy to see that her daughter is the most important aspect of her life. I think that Portia felt that Natalie had not only disrespected herself, but also her daughter and was livid about it.

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