Natalie just wants a handout.

Natalie had mentioned that she had some D-list boyfriend, but she sure as hell didn't act like it. At that point in the house, I didn't know Natalie very well. However, I did know her enough to know that everything that came out of her mouth was 50 percent true and 50 percent fabrication. Who knew if she really had a boyfriend, or what the situation was. Honestly, I didn't really care what she did with Jereme or any of the dozens of boys she had over while she had a boyfriend. Natalie had no standards and would hook up with anyone she thought had money or some kind of importance, looks were optional. Actually, it amused me at how pathetic she was around guys. Natalie doesn't want to get anywhere on her own. Natalie just wants a handout. The fact that Natalie said she LOVES her boyfriend but doesn't want to be with him because he has NO MONEY, basically sums up the fact the she is a Gold Digger. My boyfriend and I aren't the richest people in the world, but we have love, loyalty, trust, and devotion in our relationship. I am the happiest I have ever been and none if it is because of money. I feel sad for Natalie because her whole life she just goes around using people and in the end, she will just end up with someone who will use her. All she cares about is money and she will sacrifice her family, friends, and dignity for it. The Bad Girls Club did not effect my relationship with my boyfriend because we have a strong love and unique bond that helps us get through anything. Of course it was difficult not being able to see him, but it actually made us a lot stronger because the time apart made us appreciate each other more. My boyfriend Paul is an amazingly loyal and good person so I had no worries whatsoever with him back home alone. I am glad that I went on BGC because honestly if your relationship can make it through a reality TV show that it can seriously make it through anything!Portia had made it clear that she didn't want her daughter being talked about at all because it was a very sensitive subject for her. For Natalie to say Portia laid on her back and got a baby and she laid on her back and got a car, disgusted me. Portia had sex with someone she cared about and had a beautiful baby girl. Natalie had sex with an old man and got a car. Basically, Natalie is gross and annoying and Portia couldn't take it anymore so she started giving her a beating. I don't blame Portia, Natalie deserved it.Unfortunately I didn't know Portia that well when she left the house. We didn't really have anything in common and never got that close. I didn't not like her. It just didn't effect me as much as it did the others when she left. I was looking forward to getting a new girl in the house because so far none of the girls were people I'd actually hang out with back home so I wanted to see if the new girl could possibly be fun and less dramatic then the others.

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