Portia and I weren't that close.

By permanenteditor
My favorite part of speed dating Ok-- so I loved getting out of the house and doing things that I had never done before. We got tons of free drinks while we were at the LA speed dating and there were a lot of different types of guys. Guy attention is always fun when youre around girls 24-7. I got a good laugh out of the guys and got to say stuff for the shock value!! Good times :)I don't have an ideal man, because I don't think that the ideal man exists. So I just have fun. I get to know all types of guys then I see what I like and what I don't. Then maybe Ill mix-and-match... LOL. I believe the whole argument between Portia and Natalie thing started when we were all discussing what questions to ask the guys for speed dating. Natalie suggested that we should ask the guys what their credit score was. Who cares? We don't know these guys! I thought it was a pretty decent question but Portia kinda took it as Natalie being a golddigger. I thought Portia was going to come out of the house yelling and screaming, I didn't know that she was going to come out swinging. I was already drunk so everything that was happening was in slow motion. I WAS NOT about to get into another altercation in that house. I don't care who it is. Me and Natalie were having a fun drunken conversation on the steps of the house and Portia comes storming out like a wild banshee and starts attacking Natalie. I was overwhelmed!!! I DONT LIKE FIGHTING! Regardless of what anybody says, I can't understand why anyone would physically hurt someone else. Bad Girls Club or NOT. I wasnt happy for Natalie or Portia. Portia and I weren't that close in the house. I was open to get to know her but our relationship wasn't really there yet. The other girls seemed to have more of a connection with her then I did, so I think Portia leaving meant more to them than to me.
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