Portia attacked Natalie.

There is a difference between innocent flirting and flirting with intention to do more. For days we've heard about Natalie's "boyfriend" and how much she loved him. If she loved him would she be hiding in the sauna with this boy? All she kept telling us was she was going to use him for his credit card... I hope there is a high limit cause she was selling herself like a whore. And what happened to her "sugar daddies" shouldn't she be well taken care of..? Natalie talks of all this money, but then lowers herself for a credit card. She is too pretty for that. If being a Gold digger is her thing I hope she realizes money isn't everything.Being in the BGC puts a damper in any relationship. At times it made me take a hard look at the past three years of my relationship and question whether I strong enough to do him right. Being around all the girls all the time makes you just want to talk to a man. However, thank goodness forthe phone, because talking to Rich gave me a calmness. I wanted to change to better all of my relationships in life. Even though at times, I wanted to say "F it". The BGC helped me realize I'm stronger mentally than I had thought, and it made me appreciate Rich a lot more.The fight Natalie said something that shouldn't have been said period. I thought Portia was the most real in the house. She had been just listening to everyone until that day. Natalie, on the other hand, just wouldn't stop talking about herself. Portia said some real things to Natalie. The girl couldn't handle it and went to a low blow. I wasn't trying to stop Portia because it was due. Portia attacked Natalie. I wish Portia would have stayed in the house. I had some good 1-1 time with her, and she could have helped all of us. However, she needed to do what she did and I respect her.

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