PUNK move!

Natalie being out of the house made it a lot quieter. Some of the girls were happy and some had mixed feelings. At the end of the day, she was gone... the first day I said she wouldn't make it, and she proved me right! Kate-- how much I do not like this girl is so hard to put into words. I got tired of trying to hold everything in, and just say it in my confessional or on the phone to Rich. So I told her how I felt. I went to the extreme, because I was trying to get her to snap, but she did not have that "courage juice" in her, yet! She had said some things to me and about me, (that I overheard) that weren't okay to me, so I was letting her know it was war... and I would not lose! Paintball was so much fun! It hurt really bad to get hit, but I had a great time!! I think we all released some tensions. Amber M and Amber B... they were a lot more quiet and just over the top ditzy. I really spent no more than 5 minutes with Amber B. She reminded me of Kate, and it just wasn't her fault, so I didn't even try to get to know her. Amber M. was actually a very sweet girl, and she was trying to understand all the tension and give me some advice. The Amber show was the most stupid thing I watched in a while. It was sort of like watching dumb and dumber. When Lexie came and told me Kate hit Annie, I was livid. One-- I didn't understand why none of the other girls stood up for Annie. Two-- I wasn't sure why Lexie was screaming like Annie was dead. Three-- I didn't even see the hit, but I just wanted to know why. So, unlike everyone else, I confronted her. And like NORMAL,Kate got nervous and tried to sneak me... PUNK move! Lexie got so mad she snatched Kate's hair, and then realized that wasn't cool. But it was really hard to think when I was fighting with her. She tried to punch me once then grabbed my hair, like every other fight (my poor head)! TO make things worse, my COOTER was hanging out! LOL.

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