She just BETTER not do it again.

When Portia left I think it was harder on some of the other girls then it was on me. I did not really get to know Portia that well and since Natalie and I started getting closer I felt she had some indirect negativity towards me. I do not think any of us were really looking forward to the new roommate. It almost brought us closer together-- for a little while. I think Kate really didn't think before she made that comment about going to the club on the "all black night". I don't think shes racist. I am from the South and to accuse someone of being racist is very heavy. That is why I was very careful not to do that to Kate. I thought Natalie and Flo were being just as ignorant as Kate for not explaining to her why her comment was hurtful. Its just one of those things. I don't think that she meant to be rude it just came out that way. But now that she's been warned, she just BETTER not do it again. I thought Lexie was a very pretty girl and she would give Kate a run for her money. I was hoping that she was there to just have fun and not get caught up in all the drama. Things change so fast in the house that I didn't know or really care what side she ended up on. The only thing that I told her was to not trust anybody. That Screaming O contest was lame but probably a once in a lifetime thing so I decided to do it. When some of the girls decided not to participate it kinda took me off guard. It kills me when some of these girls want to act high and mighty when it comes to a contest like this, or drinking and having a fun drunk time at speed dating, or flirting with guys -- and then are crazy mental insane rude people when we get back to the house. It does not add up to me. IM IN THE BAD GIRLS HOUSE I'LL TRY ANYTHING!!!! :)

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