So I pushed her mentally.

I thought Amber's boyfriend was cool. It was interesting to see Amber's interaction with him. She seemed calmer and shyer around him. It was cute. I dont regret the situation with Lexie Mark and I -- to me it wasnt that serious. I was tired of coming to the house not having anything else to do but argue. I was trying to have a good time and thats what we did. When youre locked up like youre in a house/prison for a month and a half you liable to make some crazy decisions. We werent in the middle of the street. We were at OUR HOUSE in OUR OWN POOL! Honestly, I think people dealt with the house in their own way. I dealt with it by spending time with people that didnt live with me....NEXT! I think there was a combination of reasons why Flo left the house. I think she began to realize that she was going crazy and she was losing her bearings within the house. She (at times) wanted it to seem that she had everything together and she was in control, but she wasnt. She was broken physically and mentally and I knew it. I knew I didnt want to go home but I could tell that Flo was at her end. So I pushed her mentally. Not out of hate or anger, just out of boredom and revenge. I had never really forgiven her for the ugly, foul, and disgusting language she would use towards me and the other roommates. Ultimately I felt bad for Flo because she let the house get to her. She took things way too personally and was so worried about what people would think back home. She didnt do the things that she wanted to do. Flo was fighting with herself the whole time she was in the house. She was beat down and I think that took her by surprised that these 6 "little" girls weaken her to the point that she wanted to go home.

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