The bad girls club has a zero tolerance for fighting.

The bad girls club has a zero tolerance for fighting. I am usually not one to be a fighter unless provoked or hit first. But the night when I hit Kendra in the limo I was sent to a hotel to cool off before I did something else. When I went to the hotel I was relaxing and took a nice bubble bath and got sometime to myself to recap the night and ask myself if I was really in the wrong or not.I refused to say I was soooo sorry to Kendra and beg her to keep me... But I did explain to her I felt it wasn't right for her to have been in my face when I was in the state of mind I was in. But at the end of the day my apology to Kendra after recapping the night was sincere. When Kendra kept me in the house I was extremely thankful because I felt Kendra could have sent me home but instead she gave me a second chance. I decided to give Kendra a chance and let her get close to me, take her in and play the big sister role and show her a few things. I honestly didn't have a plan behind my actions while being nice to Kendra. I wanted to be friends with a fun, wild, bad girl while living in the house, so I decided it would be Kendra.I think Kendra let me stay in the house for so many different reasons. The number one reason would be she wanted to give me a second chance. Kendra has a thing on giving people the benefit of the doubt and finding in her big heart to give people second chances. I also felt that Kendra and the other girls started to realize that I was the "socialite" and if I went home the girls wouldn't be partying the way they were when I was there. Lastly, I think that Kendra also realized she was starting to like Marcus my best friend and she didn't know what would happen or where the relationship would go without me still there. Marcus and I are extremely loyal to each other and Kendra saw that she wouldn't get to know him anymore without me around. But, at the end of the day Kendra gave me a second chance because she could and she knew that she had me as her back bone in the house after saving me.

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