The fight between Flo and Amber was mind-blowing.

When we went to the lesbian/gay club I had a blast. Besides the fact that I was a little tipsy, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed myself. I wasn't all about only going to the places that I wanted to go to. This was entertaining and I got to see Flo really enjoy herself so I wasn't upset that she had fun at all. I found out that after we had went to dinner with Angel and some of our other friends that Angel had order a bunch of food and drinks and told Kendra he would pay the bill. When the bill came Angel said "Oh you got it? I don't have any cash or my ATM card. Excuse me? NO! This was actually a date and after Kendra asked you "are you paying?" and you say "yes" then don't tell her to take out her card and pay it. So I catch Angel calling the house one day, he starts telling me well why doesn't Kendra call me back ever etc etc. I tell him well maybe because you need to pay her the money back from the wing spot. I then start making it a joking matter with him, but seriously I can see right through Angel and how he wanted Kendra to just pay for everything all the time. So as Kendra's sorta big sister I step in as Dr. Phil aka Dr. Natalie and let him know its time for a "real man to have his own money and not expect a women to pay for everything". Lawrence is a great guy and has extreme sex appeal, but with both of us having significant others I honestly didn't want to go there. Although at this time, Olamide and I are pretty much over and not on speaking terms. I know at heart I'm a "free agent". As for Lawrence, I would never want to put anyone else in that type of situation when theyre not fully out of their relationship. Kendra was honestly starting to come out and put her foot down about things that I agree with. She was learning that she liked more and more of the same things that I liked. She was beginning to understand that being a sweet girl from the lil state she was from, wasn't going to work in a big city like Los Angeles. A little of me might have been rubbing off on Kendra a little more than she thought, but I honestly think that's what happens when you have a big sister role model. The fight between Flo and Amber was mind-blowing. I honestly didn't think it was going to go that far. Once I sat back and saw the entire fight happen I was like oh well this is the Bad Girls Club! At any given second your actions or what comes out of your mouth are going to have repercussions. Amber was drunk and talking a bunch of crap (just like Kate had been) in front of boys trying to show off and when Flo went upside her head, she pushed Flo into the pool. That was wrong of Amber. In the first place, to push anyone backwards into the pool is wrong. Flo handled her as she should have in my eyes. I didn't want Flo to go home, but the words she was using to describe what she was going to do to Amber were a little extreme in my eyes. She kept saying stuff like: Ambers dead. I'll kill her...etc. It was way over board. When Amber let Flo stay in the house I was thinking to myself all these girls in this house are way too nice. How do you get beat up and let someone stay? I thought to myself this is the "second chance home". Everyone gets a kind of second chance here.

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