The house was split into two finite groups.

By permanenteditor
Once Portia was gone, the dynamics in the house really shifted. Because Portia and Flo had been close, Florina always kept drifting between the two groups because she got along with people in both. When Portia left the house, Florina really had no reason to hang out with us, so the house was split into two finite groups. I'm not saying we were always segregated; we just tended to drift toward our own groups. I was kind of bummed about the division, because I liked hanging out with all my roomies. Sure, I preferred some to others, but they were all fun at times, and with the division that was kind of missed.While Kate made an ignorant comment, there was nothing malicious behind it. I think the difference between ignorance and racism is the intent behind the comment. Instead of screaming at her, Florina and Natalie should have explained to her why they didn't appreciate her comments and how they were hurtful. That way, Kate could have had a learning experience instead of just being yelled at. I think that Flo and Natalie had every right to be angry and disappointed in Kate by her comment, but they should have expressed their anger in a different manner.Going to the Saddle Ranch with Kate and Amber was really fun. That is a place that my friends and I go to often (seriously, try the giant cotton candy), but I was kind of bummed that I didn't run into any of my friends that evening. It was really fun showing Amber and Kate what a Long Beach Iced Tea was (got to represent the West Coast) and introducing them to sweet potato fries. I also loved seeing Amber's excitement when she rocked the bull riding. I unfortunately, didn't do as well on the bull. We met some really fun people that evening and got to have fun together without the other roommates causing any drama.Meeting Lexie, I thought that we would be super close. She reminded me so much of me when I first entered college. She seemed really fun, and up for anything. I thought that she would be the other nice girl on the show. While I knew that Lexie, Amber and I would get along, I was unsure of how Kate would react to her. I knew that Kate really liked being the blonde girl in the house, and since Lexie was prettier and bubblier, I thought that Kate would feel insecure around her. But even with that dynamic going on, the way that Natalie treated Lexie on her first night in the house was enough to ensure that she and Natalie wouldn't be close.I think that my cheer at the Screaming O contest totally rocked. I kind of knew I wasn't going to win because I don't think Screaming O was looking for that. I love cheering. And since the theme of the event was Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the cheer seemed totally appropriate. And let's be serious, I spent way more time planning my cheer than my roomies did. Natalie and her date didn't kick me out of my room. They would have been totally fine with me staying in my bed while they were together. That wasn't something I was comfortable with, so I decided to go sleep in the confessional. It was really nice getting a peaceful night's sleep as Natalie snores super duper loudly. And even more important, the confessional was the warmest room in the house, and my bedroom was the coldest. Living in Valencia thinned out my blood and made the cold absolutely unbearable for me. I think that my favorite nights were when Natalie had a guest spend the night, because I had an excuse to sleep in the warm room. See, there's my lemon drop theory again.
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