The water balloons were a good idea.

I was wrong for fighting in the club! I really just wanted to have fun and dance. I did NOT want to invite the guy over. The girl should have been madder at her man. However, I can understand why she was upset. Her being mad and screaming at me about him was just getting old. I was glad that Natalie and Kendra defended me. It showed me a lot and made me realize they weren't as bad as I thought. I just wish I had figured this out earlier! Having my boyfriend in the house was amazing! I really just lost it when I saw him, because I missed him so much! I knew I f*cked up by dancing the way I did, but I also knew being honest was the best way to move forward! I'm glad he got to meet the girls, regardless of the rude comments Natalie made. He got to see what my summer was like when he wasn't around. (Natalie has no right to say anything about anyone, to be honest, NONE of us have a right... I wish I would have realized that a bit sooner.) Lexie kept coming outside giving Rich and I updates on what was going on with Florina. I was busy having fun, with no drama for once, so I didn't care too much. The note she wrote was going to backfire. Nothing about it was nice. Her views aren't always right. No one is right all the time! I was happy that all the girls were on the same page. When Lexie came out the last time and told me Florina was really leaving, I couldn't resist seeing if it was true. Rich was already sleeping, so I just snuck away to see what was going on inside. I didn't want to miss her leaving, and I'm glad I didn't. The water balloons were a good idea. When Annie said she was going to throw them, it was the best! Florina came after us, but I wasn't getting caught this time, heck no. But when she really was gone, we were all so happy! This day was my favorite day in the house -- I got sex and Florina left!!!!

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