What exactly does bisexual mean?

The strip club/male review was interesting! I just wanted to have a good time, seeing how the night before was full of chaos. Plus it was Kate's birthday, we had to celebrate! The men weren't bad looking, they were all just gay (I think)! So it was like taking a kid to a toy store, but all the toys are broken. I have a boyfriend, but I still like to flirt. And it just didn't seem right to me flirting with gay men! However, I had an okay time! It definitely beat the first night in the house! Meeting these new girls, I wanted to sit back and watch. (When I'm not too drunk to remember my common sense!) And I couldn't help but notice Florina at the strip show. Does she just like girls, or men too?! I know what bisexual means, but I'll be the first to admit I do not completely understand. And if this girl is living with me, I hope she explains it to me, so I'm not walking around ignorant. After a few days in the house, my feelings about Natalie were not positive. Natalie kept talking about how she "runs L.A." but name dropping doesn't mean you run a place. I heard a couple of big names the first days in the house, but where were these people? All talk no action. And to be honest if you have to tell me what show the person was on, and the reference is from 90s, that person didn't mean much to me before, and still doesn't. Natalie just seemed like a name dropping, groupie ho to me. At this point in the house, I was feeling out the girls. I was just trying to get to know everyone, and what put them in the house. And I knew I had a story, so I was just open to listening to everyones' story. I liked Florina because she seemed to try to calm everyone down. She sat up and talked to me when she did not have to and I really appreciated that. Other than her, Portia just seemed real which I liked a lot, and Annie seemed like someone I could be friends with as long as I didn't become an ASS! There was also something about Kendra, maybe because I met her first, but she just seemed to look out for me. When I got into the limo and Kendra and Natalie were huddled in the corner, I didn't know what was going on nor did I really care too much! Natalie was just in the bar, "dancing on table tops" and being all over everyone, so I didn't feel sympathy for her crying. I just thought maybe she remembered she had a boyfriend and now she was feeling ashamed. Therefore, I was just letting her and Kendra talk, but then when the yelling started separating them was the most important thing. Kendra kept at it, and Natalie just couldn't deal and punched her. I was sure Natalie was going to go home. And I felt bad for Kendra to get hit, but I was pretty excited. When Florina jumped on Natalie, that was a little scary. Other than that, the fight was quick and to the point!

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