When Flo gets mad, she totally becomes another person!

When Natalie came back to the house, I thought she was just coming to pack up her belongings. I was really excited because I thought I was going to get my own room after only a week!!! And I knew that if I got a new roomie, there was no way she was going to be worse than Natalie. Then Natalie started talking.... When she said she would leave if any of us wanted her to, Amber and I both made our feelings clear. And actually, at that point it wasn't even about Natalie. I felt that any person that broke the rules of the house should be punished for that. It was just a bonus that it was Natalie that had broken the rule. After Amber and I made our feelings clear, it seemed that Natalie was back to her usual self of talking just to hear herself talk. She really didn't care what Amber and I had to say.I was disappointed when Kendra made her decision to let Natalie stay. I felt (and still feel) that part of the reason Kendra allowed it was because she had a crush on Marcus and wanted him to hang out. She knew that if she sent Natalie home, she wouldn't be able to see Marcus again. I know Kendra keeps saying people can change and second chances, but I think that's just a cover. On a petty note, I was bummed Natalie was staying because she was such a messy roommate. Oh, also I thought that if she left we wouldn't have to go to any more clubs. Since I would be the only one that knew Los Angeles, I would be able to pick all the places we would go to, and we wouldn't have to go to any more clubs. I mean, The Hideout is one of my regular spots, and we all had a lot of fun there. Amber, Flo, Portia, Kate and I had all gone out hardcore the night before the pool party, so we were all pooped and ready to call it an early night. We all decided to go home and just have a quiet night recuperating at the house. We knew we needed to tell Natalie and Kendra that we were leaving, but we were all so annoyed at them we didn't want to talk to them at all. We all decided to go together and tell them that we were leaving. We gave them our message and then went to the car. We waited for Flo for a while, discussing if we thought she was coming or not. It wouldn't even have been an issue, but Florina was really wishy washy on things. Like after Natalie hit Kendra, she was all about sending Natalie home and not liking her. Then when Natalie came back to the house, she and Flo were BFF again. So, because of her flip flopping, we really weren't sure if she had just been agreeing with us and then deciding to stay at the pool party. Since she often said one thing and did another, we really weren't sure. We decided we had waited long enough, and went home.Florina had every right to be angry with us for leaving her, but I don't appreciate how she directed her anger. Instead of listening to us and why we acted that way, she just started screaming and pulling pictures off the walls. When Flo gets mad, she totally becomes another person and it is really scary. It's like she's possessed or something. I really don't think she's aware of how she's acting when she gets angry and that is scary.The main difference between the classy girls and the trashy girls is the way we handle ourselves. The classy girls think before they act, weighing positives and negatives. The trashy girls just do what they want, without any regard for other people. They end up embarrassing themselves quite a bit. We all have our trashy and classy moments, but to determine which side a person falls on, it is which actions you are remembered for. When this is all done, I hope that while I might have done some trashy things, I am remembered for the tasteful way in which I carried myself.

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