You're going to sucker punch me?

By permanenteditor
It was nice when Natalie left. We felt like little by little we were getting rid of the sources of drama in the house. It was nice not having somebody always being insanely loud in the house, and we didn't have anybody trying to tell us all about L.A. Hello, I live there, not her. I was even more excited because I got to take over her closet, so I finally had my own. I also got my own room, so I couldn't have been happier. With the exception of Kate, when Natalie left, all the cliques in the house went away. The four of us just concentrated on having a good time and enjoying ourselves. I hated Kate when she was flirting with the bartender I liked. Not because she was flirting with him, which alone is bad enough, but because she said she was talking me up to him. I mean... you don't like me, I don't like you, so let's just leave it at that. The fact that she wouldn't even own up to what she was doing made me more mad. I mean, at least admit that once again you're being unfaithful to Paul. I did kind of enjoy that I was so important to her. Her dislike of me was more important than her relationship with Paul. She was willing to risk it just to flirt with a guy that I thought was cute. Get a life!!! Paintball was really fun! We were running around and screaming, but it didn't really change anything about the house. Well, I guess it did wear us out that day so we were too tired to fight. And seriously, whoever picked out my size must have thought I was only 5'2. It was so short on me. But I still had fun. Seriously, those little paintballs hurt when they hit you. We were all so bruised up after. I thought that Kate was ridiculous for trying to apologize before she hit me. I was still mad at her and I wanted her to leave, but I was willing to hear what she had to say for herself. I never give up on a person. I always wanted to think the best of her. When she tried to give me a hug, I was going to go along with it. Although we didn't get along, we went through something that only about 30 other girls have done, and that means something to me. Then, when she hit me with that weak little punch, I was in shock. I mean, seriously. You're going to sucker punch me? And then, when you have an opportunity, that's all you have? I was in shock when it happened, so I didn't even notice when Lexie ran outside to tell Amber and Amber M. Amber had always said that she had my back if anybody ever came after me, and she totally proved it that evening. I still find it amusing that Kate chose to hit me. I made it perfectly clear that if I was hit I was going to call the police and press charges. Again, I was more important to Kate than her future. I mean, who is ever going to hire somebody with a police record?
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