Ashley on BGC 10: Who Runs Miami?

By Ashley bgc
OMG, the tension between Brandi and Lea was crazy!Christina was sooooooo excited to hang out with Natalie so I didn't see any harm in their relationship. The longer Natalie kept Christina away from the house was less time we had to deal with her. I wasn't jealous of the relationship between Christina and Natalie. By the time Christina and Natalie hooked up, the friendship between the two of us had long been rocky. True enough we were cordial and dealt with each other but it was simply because we were roommates. Our friendship became worse after Christina's girlfriend Lauren called me perfect. I think Christina became annoyed with that. Hehehehehe.

OMG, the tension between Brandi and Lea was crazy! No one in the house liked that level of tension. When we were in VIP at the club that night you could totally feel it. I have such a nonchalant personality (unless it affects me) so I was just thinking: ok, it will blow over.

My position in the house was kind of crazy because I was cool with everyone. They came to me to talk sh*t about everyone else. Even Kristen and Lea, who swore they were BFF's came to me to talk sh*t about one another. I have never been the person to choose sides and will never do so. The girls just respected me for who I was and stopped trying to make me choose. I can't become someone I'm not. I honestly didn't care what they did in the house as long as it didn't affect me. True story...
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