Ashley on BGC 11: Brandi on the Rocks

By Ashley bgc
Brandi is a grown f*cking woman and can do what the hell she wants.When Brandi began throwing everything in the kitchen all I could think of was: Oh well! Brandi is a grown f*cking woman and can do what the hell she wants as long as it didn't involve me.

I didn't have any scars/bruises from breaking up the fight between Brandi and Lea. Hell I was upstairs drunk. I woke up the next day and the girls in the house explained how I blacked out. I have no idea what happened that night! SMH.

I wasn't disappointed that Brandi walked away from Lea instead of fighting her. No one understands the tension in that relationship but them.

I wish Brandi hadn't left the house. Brandi was crazy and a drama queen when she was drunk. When she was sober, however, she was a completely different person. I love the sober Brandi. After Brandi left, the dynamics of the house changed yet again.

Some of the girls came into the house performing and thought I was going to do the same. I can't pretend to be someone I am not. I do my own thing when/where/how I want. I truly don't give a f*ck if someone doesn't approve of my actions. I'm me and am going to do me.
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