Ashley on BGC 9: Life's a Bleach

By Ashley bgc
I thought it was funny when Lea and Kristen were trying to get Christina to leave by bullying her.I was feeling the closest to Brandi because she didn't appear over dramatic in the beginning and was kind of chill towards me. When it comes to trust, I don't do that period, especially with this being the Bad Girls Club. I didn't trust anyone because I'm not an idiot. It's common for people to have something negative to say and want to find something to talk sh*t about behind your back.

Everything was good between me, Lea, Kristen, Brandi and Erica. I thought it was hilarious, because I really didn't team up with either one of them. The beef between Lea and Kristen versus Erica and Brandi was between them. I did not care about what they had going on. Both groups wanted me to team up with them and that's not me. I am an individual first and foremost. I do what makes me happy at all times, regardless of who/what likes it. Unlike Christina (who immediately joined Erica/Brandi), I chose to be Team Ashley. "Double Trouble" was non-existent by the 3rd day.

At first I thought it was funny when Christina kept calling Lea a lesbian over and over again. Then by the second day it was just annoying. Everyone was tired of hearing her talk about it and I thought she was just obsessed with Lea being a lesbian. Who cares about someone's sexual preference?

I thought it was funny when Lea and Kristen were trying to get Christina to leave by bullying her. I didn't care because by this point she was becoming increasingly annoying. If she left it was fine or if she stayed it was fine. Again, Double Trouble was non-existent by the 3rd day. I didn't step in to help Christina for a couple of reasons: (1) I was annoyed with her and (2) I didn't care if she left or stayed. Her presence in the house didn't interfere with my plans to enjoy myself in the Bad Girls Club.


I was not really impressed that Christina didn't crack when Kristen and Lea were trying to push her out of the house. Christina and I had limited time in the house and both mentioned how we would not allow someone to push us out. After a few days in the house, it's was almost impossible for anyone to reach their boiling point.

When Christina and I spoke earlier, she asked why I bought bleach. I told her it was for anyone that spit on me. When we were in the room, Christina saw my bleach and threw it on Kristen. I kind of expected it. The whole scenario was funny as hell. I just hate it lasted for hours but hearing Kristen scream was priceless.

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