I thought she was a loud-mouthed

When I first met Danielle I thought she was a loud-mouthed, east coast chick that was all talk and no games.

When I first met Kristen I thought she portrayed a typical blonde girl. After meeting her, I nick named her Blondie.

When I first met “Kitty Cat” Catya I thought she had a sick body.  I was waiting to see her bad girl side, which didn't take long at all!!

When I first met Erica the first thing that came to mind was "wow, she's buff." I thought she was going to be a huge bitch, but soon saw her fold.

I went into the Bad Girls Club house not planning on trusting anyone. However, within the first ten minutes of meeting Lea I knew she was going to be my main bitch! 

When I first met Morgan, I thought she was a hot girl.  I knew right away by her mannerisms that she was going to be a handful! 

Out of everyone in the Bad Girls house I am most attracted to Lea. 

I knew right away that I would be making out with some of my roommates! That’s for sure!!

Morgan and I clashed immediately because she signed up for the wrong reality show.  Morgan is not a Bad Girl.  She is a want to be model, so I never knew why she was ever in the house in the first place. She complained so much about going home and everyone was getting tired of hearing her mouth.  I put a plan into action to send her home! Danielle and Erica were too chicken shit to tell her they touched her stuff, and that’s why she and I got into a fight. 

I enjoy fighting, so I was looking forward to relieving some tension after she got home from the club. It was fine that we fought.  I just thought it was some punk shit that Danielle and Erica stayed quiet when the shit hit the fan. I am naturally very confrontational, so I knew it would be Morgan and I fighting first. First impressions are everything, and I felt that Morgan came off like a spoiled complaining brat! I didn’t want to live with someone like that and was glad I put my hands on her stuff! After all, she touched me first!

Lea is the one girl that I immediately clicked with in the house.  Currently I'm not accepting any more applications!! It’s just Lea and I at this point!

I decided to pack Morgan’s things and leave them on the front porch because she has been complaining about EVERYTHING from the day we all moved in! We are all trying to enjoy Miami, and she is always ruining a decent moment.  Morgan said she wanted to go home, so I granted her wish! I packed her bags and did it for her!  Once again, all bark no bite! Well I "bit" first... time to go Morgan!! 

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