Catya on Episode 3: Where's the Money Honey?

First and foremost I was wasted out of my mind, Lea's friends owned the tattoo shop, so they had food and a live band set up for us, and it was really dope. So before everyone got tatted, we were all drinking., Me and Blondie had agreed earlier that day that we were not gonna tattoos but after the liquor and the partying we decided to do it Bad Girl style.

I choose to get my tattoo on the back of my neck. I'm a model and so I had to do it somewhere that wasn't that visible. I was drunk but I wasn't that drunk lol. I wasn't gonna mess with my money. So I decided to get it on my neck.

Erica and Danielle are so desperate when it comes to men. And it makes me upset because they are half-way decent looking girls -- not as cute as me, lol -- and they just settle for any old thing. Which to me is sooooooooo LAME! And that doesn't make you a bad girl. It makes you a stupid girl with low self-esteem.

I hate the fact that Lea feels obligated to Adam because he was there for her because he was only doing what he was supposed to do as a boyfriend. If the tables were turned she would have been there for him. At the end of the day you have to follow your heart even if the situation isn't necessarily a healthy one. Because it's gonna really hurt him even more when he finds out. I just wanted her to do HER! She's young and beautiful and should be focused on herself.

I was pissed that Jeff couldn’t pay for a $32 tab for us because me and Lea had already had a conversation about Jeff and his friends and how we thought that they were just looking for camera time. So I was already annoyed when I saw them pop up at Fat Tuesdays. Then I notice Danielle and Erica counting their ones, putting their money together to get drinks, and I'm like hell naw! Why are you guys putting your money up when you guys have men sitting right here? Ughhhhh I hate broke ass bums like Jeff.

Did I over-react when fighting with Jeff?  HELL NO I didn't over react! Once broke ass Jeff didn't foot the bill I started buying the girls rounds all night just to prove a point. So when I saw him at the house I was pissed. Like you mean to tell me that you couldn't even buy my roommates drinks but you think you're gonna come in here and F*CK!?!?!?! No way Jose!!!!!! And I was especially mad at Erica because why would you wanna have sex with someone that couldn't even buy your drink? So "Operation Get Jeff Out the House" was in motion, and I did just what I said I was gonna do and that was get him out the house.

I wasn't scared when Kristen was taken away in the white van at the end of this episode. I knew my pookie was coming back. She just had a moment. I think we all had a moment or two in the house where we just flipped out. She just needed to sober up and chill the hell out.

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