Catya on Episode 4: Talkin' Smack

Wellllll…Mike is from Philly, so he has the Philly boy swag, which I love. He's a very successful music producer, and I love how supportive he is of everything I do. He is truly genuine, and he loves me. Besides, he gives me my freedom. When I told him I was gonna do the show he was happy for me. I love that about him. And have u seen his abs? Yummmmmmmmmm. He's like a male version of me.

When I found out my baby was coming to see me, I told him to bring some of my friends because I missed home. So we decided to stay in and have our own little pool party. So of course me and Mike were Boo-Luvin. After all, I hadn't seen him in weeks, and everyone else was just wasted. My best friend, Safiya threw up and passed out. Let's just say we had a ball. Anyway the roommates had gotten into a huge fight while they were out so when they came they were already pissed because of their horrible night. I guess Brandi started an argument with one of Mike's friends and it was on after that.

Erica pissed me off she kept saying that she didn't feel comfortable around my friends. Erica and Danielle brought strays into our house every other night! And how could they feel uncomfortable with all that cheap sh*t they own anyway? I wasn't worried about my handbags that cost thousands or my Giuseppes when she had broke ass Jeff over. So why would she think my friends were suspect? Then one of the guys said that Brandi was a mess or something, and then that started a whole other argument and I was just over the whole thing. All I wanted was to spend my time with my baby Mike, not listen to Brandi talk about how she hates men or how black people make Erica uneasy, when she was the one trying to give up the cooch to a guy that wouldn't even buy her a drink. I was just over it. So me and Mike just went to bed.

We decided to "haze" the new roommate. It was harmless initiation. Blondie got it for being the last to enter the Bad Girls house, so it was her turn to have a little hazing fun. Plus by the time Kayleigh arrived we didn't really want a new roommate!

I thought Kayleigh was cute, a little tall and goofy, but cute. She had a little attitude, which I kind of liked. I wasn't completely sure if she would fit in, but I knew Blondie would like her. She seemed a little ditzy too.

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