Catya on Episode 6: Jamaican Me Crazy

I left because I was over the drama. I'm sorry I'm a grown woman and I refuse to sleep in a bed with another grown woman. I mean come on this is not summer camp. I was pissed. What kind of vacation is that where you have to share a bed with a roomie? "Oh hell no!"

As for as Kayleigh and Kristen go, I was so over the drama at that point, but that was typical Kayleigh to not have one of her roommates' back. This is The Bad Girls Club, you never know what to expect, so I wasn't surprised. I was just annoyed because everybody was drunk and being really obnoxious.


Jamaica was beautiful. We went parasailing and zip lining. It was amazing. We had so much fun. It was my first time zip lining and we were literally swinging through the trees in the rainforest. It was awesome. The Men of Steel were great eye candy, I must say. Nobody really stood out, they were all pretty good looking.


I left because I was over the drama. I didn't like what the house was doing to me. Now, in my everyday life I'm so peaceful, life is great. I'm traveling, and doing amazing things. Besides we came to Jamaica to relax and enjoy ourselves, and I felt like I needed some peace. It wasn't fun anymore and everyone in the house started turning into someone else. Everyday was constant screaming and fighting and people doing stupid sh*t.


My experience in the house has made me learn to be a little more accepting of people that aren't exactly like you. I also don't judge people as fast. Before the show I would judge people on what they have and now, I can honestly say that I am not as judgmental. Like Danielle for instance, before the show I would have never even said two words to her because we are so different. But after getting to know her and seeing what she's been through, I've learned that she's really a great person, so I think the show has taught me a lot. But bar fights, living in filth, sharing beds like I'm twelve, and cleaning up after grown ass woman is just not for me.

Love you girls! Take care of each other.

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