Christina on BGC 10: Who Runs Miami?

Natalie Nunn

I think I have become top dog in the house and I was running Miami.I really liked Natalie and loved hanging out with her. I was finally hanging out with another true Bad Girl like myself and we had a great time. I think me and Natalie are similar in the sense that she is also a strong girl who can hold her own. Natalie definitely has the right connections and I loved going to all the hottest parties with her in Miami. She gave me great advice and I learned a lot from her. I have to say, Natalie is a hot girl and she was a good kisser. We were partying like Bad Girls and the kiss was just playful and fun.

Although my girlfriend came to visit I was definitely more interested in hanging out with Natalie and Exotica. My relationship with Lauren has always been rocky and even though she came to visit I was still going to do what I wanted to do. I was in Miami with a once in a lifetime opportunity. I wanted to spend more time with Natalie and Exotica because they are Bad Girls and know how to party. Lauren was always trying to have me change my Bad Girl ways and become a "good girl" but that's not who I am.


I think I have become top dog in the house and I was running Miami. I gained respect from the girls in the house and they realized that I am a true bad girl. I don't think they expected me to stay in the house when they wanted me out, but I'm a strong girl and I definitely proved myself.

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