Christina on BGC 11: Brandi on the Rocks

Literally everything in the kitchen was thrown. When Brandi threw everything in the kitchen I was thinking that she has officially lost her mind.

I was trying to break up the fight between Lea and Brandi. The whole fight was ridiculous to me. The fight was crazy and literally everything in the kitchen was thrown. However, I saw this fight coming for a long time and knew it was bound to happen.

I wasn't disappointed that Brandi walked away instead of fighting Lea because I think she may have actually learned something from being in the Bad Girls Club. Brandi has always had problems with her anger. I think she finally came to realize that she has taken her issues to a whole other level. I actually had respect for Brandi when she walked away because it showed how she had grown from this entire experience.

I did like Brandi and I never had any real problems with her so it was a little sad when Brandi left the house but at the same time she needed to leave. Things did become better after Brandi left because the amount of crazy outbursts definitely decreased but then again it is the Bad Girls Club so there was still continuous drama.

I think I was the only real Bad Girl left in the house because I was never fake and said things how it was. Ashley was the fakest girl I had ever met in my entire life. When Brandi's money went missing she immediately ran and told Brandi everyone was complaining about her and how Lea said all these bad things about her.

I never talked bad about Brandi because if I talk sh*t behind your back it's what I will say to your face. Brandi knew I wasn't giving her money to eat if I wasn't eating an elaborate meal myself. When Lea and I both approached Ashley about her telling Brandi about the money situation she said, "I didn't tell her, I don't know she probably overheard us if she was on the balcony." If you were a real Bad Girl own up to it and say you told Brandi if it was that wrong of us and something you believed in. She was just scared from day one to have people not like her. Ashley's playing both sides and staying neutral is not a Bad Girl; have a backbone, open your mouth with opinions, and stop being afraid that people don't like you. All she kept saying was, "I'm just trying to play the game." There was no game. This was a reality show not a game show. A true Bad Girl is real and isn't afraid to put herself out there. I was the only real Bad Girl left because I have stuck up for myself from day one and was never afraid to do or say exactly what I wanted.
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