Christina on BGC 12: The Wicked Witch of Key West

I don't know if she would have punched Lea sober. There was a lot of tension between Kristen and Lea even before our trip to Key West. I know Kristen was drunk and her punching Lea was the ultimate end of their friendship.

At that point I think Kristen knew they were no longer friends like how they used to be so she just decided to punch her.

I think Lea reacted the way she did because she was also upset that their friendship wasn't what it seemed. Lea was hurt by the fact that Kristen would actually punch her because they use to be so close. I think that Lea was angry at the whole situation and like the rest of us she probably couldn't believe that 's what their friendship came down to.

I have respect for people who do apologize when they know they were wrong. It takes a bigger person to admit their mistakes and apologize so I definitely respected Kristen for that. Lea felt that the apology was fake and it meant nothing to her basically for the fact that she couldn't believe Kristen would punch her and she couldn't see past that. It is hard to forgive someone who hurt you like that and I probably wouldn't want to hear an apology either if I was in the situation.

Kristen definitely realized that she did make a mistake. She was really drunk and I don't know if she would have punched Lea sober. I think she returned to the house because she didn't want to go home and tried to apologize so maybe she could stay.

When Kristen left I was a little sad to see her go. I really didn't know Kristen that well but she was a cool girl and fun to party with. The two of us did have fun in Key West and if she stayed we probably would have partied back in Miami.
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