Christina on BGC 13: Punching Out

I came out on top in every fight and in the end I shook up that house more than anyone else did.The last few days in the house were crazy! I was definitely not expecting a cameo appearance from Erica and Ashley the last day in the Bad Girls Club, being that I forgot that they were even there the whole time, as I’m sure everyone else did. I don’t think that I was able to bond with any of my roommates because I had been on my own since day one and I knew how fake all these girls were. I never went into the Bad Girls Club looking for friends. I was there for myself and to have a good time. When I realized how Ashley never had my back from day one I expected little from everyone in the house.

Erica and Ashley knew that they were boring and said and did nothing the whole time in the house. When Lea called them out they knew they needed to do something to step it up. It was all pure comedy to me. I was never a follower; Lea was just the only other girl that I could stand at that point. Everyone knew I hated Ashley. And Erica was just like a decoration in the house that meant nothing to me. So why the hell would I want to hang out with the two of them?? I originally thought all of us were going out to the strip club but Lea decided she wasn’t in the mood to go and neither was I really so we just decided to have dinner instead. I would never in my life want to be stuck alone with those two for several hours.

Ashley always spoke about “playing the game” but this is the Bad Girls Club - not a game show!! I was also playing the game but I just did it, I didn’t have to talk about it -- that’s the difference. For me, playing the game was just me being myself. I never needed anyone to back me up and when someone came at me, I always spoke the truth and came at them twice as hard. I did say that I was keeping my friends close and my enemies closer and I admitted that. I was referring to the house in general. I never kissed anyone’s ass. I gained respect from Lea and Kristen because they saw that I was a true bad girl. Erica and Ashley had a million opportunities to show why they are bad girls. Waiting until they were both drunk on the last night is a joke.

I think the other girls ganged up on me in the limo because they knew that I was stronger than them. They were well aware that I could hold my own and needed to all attack me at once to even try and bring me down. Ashley and everyone else in the house wouldn’t step to me one on one unless they had someone to back them up. Every time I was involved in an altercation in the house it was always against a group and I never backed down. In the limo, Ashley kept running her mouth and I was just sick of her fakeness from day one and she needed to be put in her place. I had a feeling that the other girls would of course side with her but I wasn’t afraid. It’s a sign of weakness when it’s three on one and that’s not how real bad girls do it. A real bad girl would come at me with no one behind them. When Erica and Ashley came at me drunk together it just proved once again that everyone was a follower.

At that point I was done and did everything I needed to do. I was ready to make my exit. I don’t care that they all jumped on me, it was pure weakness because no one could handle me one on one. I came out on top in every fight and in the end I shook up that house more than anyone else did. After the limo fight my job was done and I was ready to leave. I didn’t want to deal with those lame bitches anymore.

I don’t regret any of my actions in the Bad Girls house. I was myself the whole time and my actions were that of a true bad girl. I learned so much from my time on BGC. I learned a lot about myself, life, and other people. The biggest lesson I learned was that I never need anyone to have my back and that I can stand on my own. Going into the house I knew I was a strong girl, but I never knew really how strong I was until this situation. You definitely need to have tough skin to being the Bad Girls Club. I’m proud of myself that I made it to the end -- standing my ground the whole time.
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