Christina on BGC 9 Life's a Bleach

I felt like I couldn’t trust Ashley because I realized she was playing both sides from the start. Once in the house I could see that she was being fake and taking both sides between the original girls and myself. She wanted people to like her and did not want problems with any of the girls. She was very fake and a flip flopper. During the fight with Lea, Kristen, and myself, she never had my back and kept quiet throughout the whole confrontation. Ashley did not want to get on the girls' bad side -- who she thought "ran the house". She is a very weak person and could not handle what I did standing on her own. I caught on right away that she was like this and honestly was not surprised that she didn’t have my back. I was better off without her because the only person I could trust was myself.

I was not jealous that Lea and Kristen seemed to like Ashley more than me because I knew it was fake. I rather have someone genuinely not like me than smile in my face and talk behind my back. I really didn’t need people in the house to like me because I was there for myself. I am not a follower or someone who can be manipulated like Ashley. That’s why they seemed to like her more than me because she would do what they said and I am a stronger girl than that which was a threat.

I kept calling Lea a lesbian even after she told me to stop it because from day one I really didn’t care for her too much. It took her and Kristen almost two days to introduce themselves. I felt unwelcome. As a lesbian myself I just felt like she definitely preferred women more than men and wasn’t comfortable with that fact. I’m the type of girl who voices my opinion regardless. If I don’t like you and you tell me to stop, I’m just going to continue saying what I want to say.

When Lea and Kristen were bullying me throwing water on me when I was in the bathroom, throwing my mattress down the stairs, ripping up my girlfriend's picture, etc. I just thought it was so immature and not what Bad Girls do. I was laughing for the majority of the time because to me it was lame and a joke. It was very childish behavior and something that definitely wouldn’t break me. However, when it carried on for a long period of time I started to get angry. The whole fight was just ridiculous and in my head I was thinking, this is the best you got? The fact of the matter was that they were just bullies and I’m a real Bad Girl so I knew I would come out on top. They were bullying me two against one and I didn’t break, proving that I was stronger than the both of them together.

I stayed strong and stood up to them because I am a true Bad Girl. I am a force to reckon with and have a great deal of inner strength. The whole situation was mind over matter and I never let anyone get the best of me.

I decided to throw bleach on Kristen because she needed to be stopped and get a taste of her own medicine. She threw so many things at me. I just threw one thing and the fight ended. If you mess with me I will mess with you a million times worse. For me throwing bleach was putting the two of them in their place and made them realize that I will fight back and win the battle even if I am standing on my own. I definitely do not regret throwing bleach.

When all the girls went out without me I was angry because it just proved to me that everyone was a bunch of fake followers because they were scared. If they were real Bad Girls they would have done something to my face and not sneak out behind my back. However, I could honestly care less because I didn’t like any of those girls and wouldn’t want to hang out with them anyway. All you need is yourself and that’s why I decided to just go out alone.

When I saw Natalie at the club I was so excited to finally hangout with a real Bad Girl like myself! Natalie is one of the ultimate Bad Girls because she is not a follower and it was nice to finally socialize with someone on my level.

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