Christina on The Reunion Part 1

I proved myself from day one that I was a true Bad Girl.Ashley said I jumped her in the limo when she wasn’t watching because she’s a straight up liar. In the limo Ashley was looking directly at me asking why I’m a bad girl. I have stood on my own the entire time in the house so for her to ask me a question like that was just ridiculous. I proved myself from day one that I was a true Bad Girl. I was done explaining anything to her in words. I lunged at her and punched her dead in the face. She was well aware that I was coming towards her. She was the fakest person I ever met in my life and such a follower. She knows I threw the first punch and she feels dumb. If you're going to talk about it then be about it. She was trying to be big and bad but it was just a joke.

After seeing the final fight scene in the limo for the first time I was completely livid. All of those girls knew that I was a threat to them alone and they had to gang up on me. It was pure weakness on their part because once again I took on more than one girl solo. I threw the first punch and hit Ashley in the face. The fight should have been one on one. I was never afraid to stand my ground and fight. I also never needed anybody to have my back and fight with/for me like the other girls. To me they are all pathetic. No girl in that house would have been as strong as me. I held my own from day one. For everyone to jump me just proves how weak they all were because they knew I was bad ass and the real deal.

When I watched scenes of myself cheating on Lauren while she was in the audience I wasn’t really that upset. She knew our relationship was pretty much over at that point based on phone conversations while I was in Miami. We were on the rocks and I knew she was home probably doing her own thing. I decided to just have fun and not let it bother me during my time left in the Bad Girls Club.

There was definitely unfinished business between Ashley and me. She was the fakest person I ever came in contact with and the biggest follower. Ashley was always so concerned with people liking her in the house because she was afraid to voice opinions and be hated on. She was just so pathetic and the show speaks for itself. All of America can see that Ashley’s a straight up joke and NOT A BAD GIRL. Her and Erica’s cameo was hilarious and I don’t know why they would even try and start with me because the whole house knew that I was a strong girl who won't break. At the end of the day I was the truest Bad Girl. I stood my ground and never backed down. For me to continuously stand alone just says a lot about my character.

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