Christina on The Reunion Part 2

I handled my unfinished business and said everything I needed to say.This season there has been so much drama between all of the girls. With Morgan vs. Brandi, I wasn't living in the house at that point so I don't know what really went down. The girls hated on Morgan the first day but I think that she needed more time to show everyone who she really was. I think Brandi was just basically speaking for everyone and how the house felt towards Morgan. I don't think it was a personal thing. The fight between Kristen and Erica was just ridiculous to me because Erica was just trying to extend her cameo from the finale. Erica did nothing and said nothing the entire time in the house so trying to be bad now was completely irrelevant. I have had my share of problems with Kristen and Lea but I came to actually get along with them both. I feel that they respected me for not breaking and we after that we became cool. I wasn't in the house from the beginning so I don't know how their friendship really evolved to become what it is today but it is hard to maintain friendships while living in such a crazy environment. The kicked-off Bad Girl that I would have loved to be on the show with would probably be Catya. She seems like a really cool girl who can have fun and hold her own. I could definitely see myself getting along with her.

I would not have done anything differently at the reunion. I stood my ground just like I did in the house. I handled my unfinished business and said everything I needed to say. I was glad that Ashley got to sit in the audience where she belongs because it was like she was nonexistent the entire show anyway. I punched her in the face once so I don't know why she tried to come at me because I only hit her again. As for Erica, all I have to say is karma's a b*tch! My favorite thing about the reunion was seeing the girls who I get along with. It was nice to catch up with some of them.

I just think that the reunion was not the time or place to prove you're a Bad Girl. Like I said, the show's over. The reunion wasn't the time to prove anything because everything was said and done. I found it so funny how some girls finally decided to open their mouths and try to be a Bad Girl because they just looked so stupid doing it. Even Perez called Erica and Ashley out saying they were boring and should have showed this side to them actually on the show. Shows over, you were a waste of space GET OVER IT.

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