Danielle on Episode 4: Talkin Smack

My first impression of Kayleigh was: It's another Kristen. This should be fun …NOT!! We all decided to haze the new girl just so she knew that we mean business. This is the Bad Girls Club so we gotta show her how to do it right. I think it was pretty funny that she was getting so frustrated.

I honestly didn't care that Cat had friends over. I just didn't like the fact that they were all over the house. When me and Erica came home that night there were a whole bunch of people we didn't know and we couldn't find Cat anywhere. It was a little hectic but honestly Cat was lucky we came home first because the other girls didn't like it at all and they made it known.


I decided to tell my roommates about my past drug use because I wanted America to know that you can overcome something as powerful as that and be a better person in your life. I don't regret telling Brandi that at all. She is a child and doesn't know how to control her alcohol or her temper so it honestly made her look like a fool.



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