Danielle on The Reunion Part 2

I try not to involve myself in petty bullsh*t.There was a ton of drama between the girls, i.e. Morgan vs. Brandi, Kristen vs. Erica, Kristen vs. Lea. I honestly thought that the way some of these girls acted was very childish but they have their own issues to work out and I try not to involve myself in petty bullsh*t. Also, Cat and I are both adults so it's pretty easy to just move on with our lives.

I don't care about being called the "whore of the house". I just think it's funny because they were just jealous that I got some and they didn't. Haha! They were all complaining about how they need to get laid and blah blah but I was the only one who actually went out and got what I needed :)

I do think Brandi's apology for the heroin addict comments was genuine but I just can't be friends with someone who treats me like sh*t. We are casual. I have no problems with her but I cannot call her my friend.

I wouldn't have done anything differently at the reunion. I'm satisfied with not acting like an idiot and honestly if I never see half these girls again in my life I'd be pretty happy. I don't need that extra drama bullsh*t to be added to the way I live. I went on the show for the experience. I did what I had to do and left. I don't regret anything. I had my fun but I can't say I would ever do it again.

My last words to the Bad Girls: I guess good luck in all your endeavors :)
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