Episode 1 Recap

When I first met Brandi, I saw a party animal in her at first. I thought Morgan was just another stuck up girl who thought she had everything. Kristen is your typical ditzy blonde with mommy and daddys money. I thought Catya was pretty much stuck in her ways of money rules and if you dont have it you're nothing. Erica was a real down to earth hard style crazy b*tch! And Lea was a bad girl, with a punk rock edge :) Before Bad Girls Club, I had never been in any house like this one before, and Im pretty excited I was chosen as one of the seven! I was so angry with Morgans guy friends because they come into our house and act like they own the place with their fake tans and spiky hair. I thought I left all the guidos in NY, but apparently not! I hate my nickname Dirty D! I am not dirty! We put Morgans stuff on the front steps because the b*tch wanted to leave so bad, soo we just helped her out a little bad girl style!!!
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