Erica on BGC 10: Who Runs Miami?

Christina was left out of a lot of plans to be by herself at the house. My personal opinion of Christina hanging out with Natalie was that I didn't care. I didn't give two sh*ts either way. I was glad she wasn't just sitting around feeling sorry for herself, however, I thought it was quite lame of Christina to be sooooo amped about hanging out with Natalie as if she is Britney Spears or something.

She is just like us. Less than a year ago, she was where we are now. Not that big of a deal.

I was never truly informed of all the details of Lea and Brandi's drama so it's hard for me to say whether I think Lea should forgive Brandi or not. That is their business, not mine. If I were Lea, I would forgive Brandi. I know that no one is perfect, especially me. I also tend to say things that I do not mean when I am angry, as do many people in this world. I think Brandi was hurt that Lea wouldn't accept her apology.

Brandi knew what she did was wrong, and expressed that many times to Lea, and I feel like if someone f*cks up, and says they are sorry and shows you that they know what they did was wrong and makes an effort to not do it again, that at some point one needs to forgive and get over it. Not saying one should forget, but to hold a grudge and be angry with someone is easier and unhealthy compared to how hard it is to forgive.

When Christina walked in on Adrian and I gettin it on in the kitchen I thought it was comedy!!!

I'm sorry but I didn't get to see Adrian everyday so when he was at the house I wanted to make sure I took full advantage of him being there lol. Plus I gotta keep my man happy! After she walked in, trashed as usual, we just walked upstairs and finished what we started.

For me, it was love at first sight with Adrian. For the first time in my life he made me feel things I had never felt before. Even after being in a relationship for four years with someone. I still never felt as strong for him as I do for Adrian. We balance each other out so well, and finish each other's sentences. When I was irate and about to go off on a b*tch, all I had to do was call him and he would calm me down. I wouldn't say he was a distraction, I would say that because of how much he meant to me, I put him up front and above my roommates.

I would say every last one of those girls except maybe Kayleigh, Ashley, and Danielle were all fake and two-faced. So for me to put a true, honest person who is genuinely good to me and respectful of me in front of my roommates was an easy decision. And I made the right decision choosing true love over drama, because Adrian and I are still together today! Follow us on twitter @EricaNAdrianBGC
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