Erica on BGC 11: Brandi on the Rocks

I would have NEVER thought that it would have gone as far as it did.I agreed with the rest of the house that Lea DID change from the way she was the first day she walked into the Bad Girls house. In the beginning she was very "punk rock" and always wearing Converse, skinny jeans, and cut-off T-shirts. Once she started hanging out with Kristen, she started asking me to do her hair more often. That is why her hair is always curled or teased in her interview clips. She cared more about her appearance and wearing tight dresses with high heels all of a sudden.

I was upstairs in my room most of the time when all that drama was happening. At that point, I was tired of always saving Brandi from yet another drunk meltdown, so I figured I would let the other roommates deal with her for the night. I would have NEVER thought that it would have gone as far as it did.

In addition to Brandi being drunk again, I feel like she was also just showing off and trying to be "extra" hard in front of her stripper friends. I don't know why. I guess Brandi felt she had something to prove with them being there? Either way, the whole situation was lame as f*ck, because guess who cleaned up? ME! All the rest of those b*tches were dirty as f*ck!

I do not have any scars from their fight. LOL. Anyone who does is an idiot for not watching their own back while protecting their roommates. I'm stronger than both Brandi and Lea, and therefore none of their punches or objects thrown would hit me or hurt me by default. You all saw how I ripped the chair right out of Brandi's hands as she was using all her strength to throw it through the window, and how on many occasions I have wrapped Brandi or Lea up like a security guard! LOL. No one tested me in that house cause they all knew I'd snap like Brandi, and it wasn't going to be pretty!

I was disappointed when Brandi started crying and hugged Lea. I was like WHAT THE F*CK? All this talk about how "hood" she is and how she was "born bad" Uhmmm... What's bad about you? The fact that you get drunk and throw temper tantrums like a toddler? I don't think so. Brandi can do whatever she wants, but at the end of the day don't talk about it unless you are going to be about it! Brandi said she was going to f*ck Lea up, beat the sh*t out of her... but in the end neither one did SH*T they said they were going to do!

I was kind of sad when Brandi left just because she was funny as hell! But it was definitely nice to have my own room and my own bathroom and shower to myself as well! It was like I had the one and only Bad Girls Club Suite! Haha.

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