Erica on BGC 12: The Wicked Witch of Key West

Kristen literally got her ass handed to her.When Kristen hit her, Lea reacted the same way I would have if I were in her position.

That's like if Ashley or Danielle got drunk and swung at me. It's like wtf...? You are kidding me right?! I mean Kristen swung first so at the end of the day Lea was just "defending her self" even though Kristen literally got her ass handed to her. I honestly wish Kristen would have hit me so I could've mopped the b*tch up! I feel like after watching how much she talked about me behind my back, which by the way I had no idea, I deserve to beat that b*tch's ass! Kristen needs to realize that there will be repercussions for her actions. Kristen's apology and tears were about as fake as her personality, hair, eyelashes, lips, nose, boobs, and teeth!!!! Fake fake fake. Everything about her is fake!!!!

I was absolutely glorified when Kristen left the house. She was by far thee fakest broad in our season. I do not think she ran the house what so ever. I do not think she carried herself in a mature, normal, respectful way ever. I hope she learned a lot from how she looked on TV, and hopefully she lost a few pounds too since her stomach was looking a little hefty in the limo on the way to Key West hahahahah.

(My measurements are 34-27-42 that's how a real woman looks.)

I think that the only reason why Kristen started to latch on to Christina while we were in Key West was because she felt Lea pulling away from her and she feared that she'd be the outcast. Kristen is weak because never once has she been able to stand alone and be independent. She can't ever just do her own thing without having a sidekick. First she had Morgan and Cat in her corner. Then Morgan went home, then it was just her and Cat. Then Kayleigh comes along and she gets Kayleigh to be her new BFF. Once those two left in Jamaica she scrambled to get another person in her corner because now her two BFFs were gone. So once Kristen saw Brandi and Lea's friendship deteriorating, she manipulated Lea into thinking she was a loyal, true friend. So Lea sided with Kristen. Once Kristen saw that Lea wasn't going to put up with her stupidity and started pulling away, she then decided to get Christina on her side.

And getting a lame orange drunk like that on your side isn't hard at all. Christina is very weak minded. I could not believe after Lea and Kristen literally humiliated her on national television that she could everrrr be friends with either one ever again. If it was me, I'd just be cordial just for the simple fact that we are forced to live with each other. But that's it. You wouldn't catch me running errands with them, kissing them, sucking up to them, or hanging out with them.

Christina is just as desperate for attention, friends, and acceptance as Kristen -- which is why they ended up linking up together in Key West. Neither one had someone in the house whom they were the closest with anymore. Lea and I started getting to know each other a little better, and I was always cool with Ashley. Kristen and Christina had no one but each other. So again, their newfound friendship was only by default.

Kristen is a poor excuse for a woman. Her family and friends should not be proud of her for the way she acted during the show.

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