Erica on BGC 13: Punching Out

Me choosing Adrian over all these immature sloppy ass b*tches was the smartest thing I ever did!The last few days in the BGC house were BORING AS F*CK! I didn't want to bond with anyone. I just wanted to get the f*ck out of there! I was ready to get home and back to work and school and BACK TO MY MAN!

Near the end is when I REALLY truly realized how ridiculously weak Christina was. The minute Lea and Kristen started being nice to her, she was up their ass and in their face trying to be buddy buddy. WTH is that about? THEY HUMILIATED YOU ON NATIONAL TV and now you want to be BFFs with them? GET REAL! She had ZERO true friends on the show! She even says that she knew Lea wasn't going to have her back. Yet she still decided to be up her ass? ARE YOU THAT DESPERATE FOR FRIENDS CHRISTINA?

I decided to give that nasty b*tch what she deserved. I spit in her face, ripped her eyelashes off of her nasty orange face, and then once she called ME a follower I said go FOLLOW YOUR SUITCASE IN THE FOUNTAIN B*TCH!

Making it three against one was never the plan. Christina made her bed now she got to lay in it. Why would she be so f*cking stupid to think that I wouldn't do anything to her if she was going to sucker punch Ashley? WEAK ASS MOVE! Of course I am going to jump in! I have had Ashley's back since day one, and I had beef with Christina the night before. I couldn't hit her then or else I would have gone home, but now that Christina's dumb enough to throw the first punch, I can get my licks in too!

I don't regret ANYTHING on the show! I am the only one who stood independent ALONE and didn't need anyone in my corner to handle my business. I stayed true to myself the entire show. I never switched up the way I talked, acted, or dressed! I never was a sloppy drunk mess, or threw any low blows. I found love at the end of the day and am still in love. Me choosing Adrian over all these immature sloppy ass b*tches was the smartest thing I ever did!

I didn’t learn much from the show. I mean I pretty much knew already I can't stand dirty weak minded individuals. So there’s nothing new there!
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