Erica on BGC 8: Departures & Arrivals

When Danielle told me she was leaving, I was utterly shocked, and speechless. You can see how I was struggling to try and find words to try and talk her out of it. She literally woke up so early and started packing, so not only was I completely confused as to what the f*ck she was doing. But I was half-asleep when it was all happening! I felt stabbed in the back by Danielle because from day one we had promised each other -- as BFFs in the house and roommates -- that if either one of us ever felt like we were about to crack and wanted to go home, we would try and talk to the other person, so we wouldn't actually end up going home. Because she sat there and basically listened to NOTHING I had to say, and had already made up her mind without discussing ANYTHING with me, I felt betrayed, lied to and kept in the dark by the one person in the house I thought I could actually trust.

I was not happy she was leaving, however, I was totally pissed that she was just bouncing out without even saying sh*t to me. At that point, because I was so angry with her, there were moments when I didn't even care anymore. She is the youngest in the house and immature at times. The b*tch just couldn't handle being a true Bad Girl.

Once Danielle left, I missed having my "little sister" around. I cannot believe that Danielle never said anything to me about Kristen and Lea trying to stir the bucket and turn her against me. To me, that is some shady ass sh*t! I always had that girl's back and defended her to the end. For her to say I was selfish was a b*tch ass weak move. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many times I let her borrow money while in the Bad Girls house! EVEN TO THIS DAY!!!! In addition to allowing her to shop freely in my closet and wear whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. Danielle's departure was bittersweet for the both of us I think. I only spoke about Danielle complaining and how it bothered me sometimes. I never went into an interview and attacked her character as she did mine. Or talked sh*t about her choice of men, or how much d*ck the chick got. NEVER. She was just jealous of mine and Adrian's relationship.

I was not worried at all about my place in the house once Danielle left. Kristen and Lea were falsely linked up based on desperation and insecurities. Kristen had no one in her corner to back her up or protect her, so she manipulated Lea into thinking she was a true friend. Lea and I never clicked during the show, so once her and Brandi's friendship was over, she had no one else other than Kristen to link up with. Hence why I call that "friendship" fake as f*ck! I am true soldier. And at no point did I ever stress about my place in the house. A true bad girl does what she wants, when she wants, and with whom she wants and she never regrets it. That is the definition of me! I am an independent woman, which is why I have it tatted on me.

My first thoughts when I saw the new girls get out of the limo were what came out of my mouth, "OH HELL NO!" LOL. What a surprise! I was like bring it on b*tches! Lets see how bad these b*tches really are. Christina looked like an overly tanned oompa loompa and Ashley looked like a white-washed southern belle! With Danielle gone, I could see myself getting closer to Ashley. I saw very good qualities in Ashley. We had a lot in common.

Christina does not belong in the Bad Girls house. She needed to have her every move coached by Brandi, Ashley and myself. She is a skinny, orange, nasty, chick with a drinking problem. She is proud that when she gets trashed her p*ssy hangs out the front of her dress. WOW really classy.

Ashley, on the other hand, is a lot like me. Quiet until you piss us off or until we have an opinion we feel like voicing. She is beautiful, polite and real. She knows what it takes to be a Bad Girl and should have been part of the original 7 and taken Danielle's spot!!!
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